Piece of Maiden

Vrijdag 1 september 

Time : t.b.a.


Piece of Maiden is a dutch Iron Maiden tribute band located in Leiden. The band is well-known for their passion of Iron Maiden.

The band was founded in March 2016, when Jeremy Geels and Dennis Kromhout decided it was time to follow up on their love for Iron Maiden
and teamed up with 4 string picker “Steve” Harald Thierry and Marvin Erades. Not soon after the band was formed, vocalist veteran
Michel Zandbergen joined the team to bring the most dynamic, energetic and diverse Iron Maiden experience possible.

After the first few shows in 2016, Piece of Maiden was asked to play as openings act for ex-maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley and Thomas Zwijssen.

Every part of every song has been learned by isolating the guitar tracks from the studio track to ensure the real Iron Maiden feel, emotion and experience.

Vocals – Michel Zandbergen
Guitar – Jeremy Geels
Guitar – Marvin Erades
Bass – Harald Thierry
Drums- Dennis Kromhout

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